Pimath is a boost.python binding for the IMath library that is part of the OpenEXR project.

Pimath binds the Imath API as closely as possible. Each hpp file contains a comment block at the top, highlighting cases where the bindings differ and why. Common reasons include:

Making a function signature more Pythonic;
Removing slightly optimised functions (where the overhead of python itself would vastly outweigh the optimisation);
Removing API redundancy;
Changing misleading Imath function names (rare).
Nice things about pimath:

It provides integral template instantiations where possible – eg V3i;
It provides ‘half’ template instantiations where possible – eg M33h;
It provides to- and from-python conversion for the Imath ‘half’ type;
It spreads type instantiation over several cpp files for quick multithreaded compiling.
It’s organised as a mirror image of Imath – it has corresponding headers, and a free function in Imath is a free function in pimath. If you know Imath, you know pimath.

Project Page: http://code.google.com/p/pimath/
Language: C++, python
Platform: All
License: New BSD Licence
Sponsor: Dr. D. Studios