PyMEL makes python scripting in Maya work the way it should.  Maya’s command module is a direct translation of MEL commands into python functions. The result is awkward and “unpythonic” code which does not take advantage of python’s flexible, object-oriented design.  The python-wrapped C++ API is powerful and object-oriented, but it’s too cryptic and verbose for everyday tasks. Using these modules as building blocks, PyMEL forges a new object-oriented API that’s as powerful and easy to use as python is.

Project Goals

  • Create an open-source python module for Maya that is intuitive to MEL users and python users alike
  • Fix bugs and design limitations in Maya’s python modues, maya.cmds and maya.mel
  • Keep code concise and readable
  • Add organization through class hierarchy and sub-modules
  • Provide documentation accessible via html and the builtin help() function
  • Make it “just work”

Home Page:
Language: python
Platform: windows, osx, linux
License: New BSD License
Sponsor: Luma Pictures