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OpenRenderManagement, aka Puli,  is an open-source render management project.

The Core project is called Puli and is entirely written in python.

PuliUI is a GWT project that provides a simple web interface for OpenDispatcher.


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Project Page:
Language: python
Platform: All
License: Modified BSD
Sponsor: Mikrosimage

Afanasy is a free and open source tool to control remote computing. You can compute anything quicker using a render farm – remote computers connected by a network. Afanasy is designed for computer graphics (3d rendering and 2d compositing) parallel calculation. It can compute different frames (or even parts of frames) on several computers simultaneously.

Afanasy provides render farm monitoring. It is very important to watch computers resources during the render process. You can see what kind of resource (CPU, memory, network etc.) is needed to render. It is very useful to know what your farm hosts are doing.

The Afanasy engine simply runs different command lines on hosts and controls running processes. You can use Afanasy to parallel calculate anything you can describe (split) through command lines.

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Project Page:
Language: C++, python
Platform: All
License: GPL

Originally developed by Blur Studio, Arsenal was a replacement for 3dsmax’s BackBurner. It’s now a robust render management platform supporting many renderers, including 3dsmax, Maya, Houdini, 3delight, XSI, Nuke, Fusion, Shake and After Effects.

The core is written in C++ using Qt, and PyQt is used to extend Python interfaces. There are GUI tools to manage the queue, custom submitters for some packages, and a generic Python API for others.

Project Page:
Language: C++ Python
Platform: Windows, Linux
License: GNU GPL v2
Sponsor: Blur Studio

DrQueue started as an application to provide distributed render queueing and management services for rendering animations.

The generic service DrQueue provides allows the distribution, monitoring and management of tasks across a network of computing nodes. A queue of jobs composing of a number of tasks are spread over the computing nodes and processed in parallel. (more…)

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Project Page:
Language: c++
Platform: Linux, Mac OSX, Irix, FreeBSD and Windows
License: GNU GPL Version 3

Grid Engine is software that facilitates “distributed resource management” (DRM). Far more than just simple load-balancing tools or batch scheduling mechanisms, DRM software typically provides the following key features across large sets of distributed resources. (more…)

Home Page:
Language: C++, Python
Platform: Linux, Windows, OS X, Solaris
License: SISSL