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Kraken provides a flexible, customizable and extendable framework that leverages Fabric Engine’s API’s. Kraken rigs are portable between 3D applications and because of its use of Fabric Engine’s API’s, maintains functionality no matter what DCC is used to build a rig.

Home Page:
Language: Python, KL
Platform: Linux, Windows, OS X
License: BSD3
Sponsor: Fabric Software

Universal Scene Description (USD) is an efficient, scalable system for authoring, reading, and streaming time-sampled scene description for interchange between graphics applications.

USD provides for interchange of elemental assets (e.g. models) or animations. But unlike other interchange packages, USD also enables assembly and organization of any number of assets into virtual sets, scenes, and shots, transmit them from application to application, and non-destructively edit them (as overrides), with a single, consistent API, in a single scenegraph. USD provides a rich toolset for reading, writing, editing, and rapidly previewing 3D geometry and shading. In addition, because USD’s core scenegraph and “composition engine” are agnostic of 3D, USD can be extended in a maintainable way to encode and compose data in other domains.

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Project Page:
Language: Python, C++
Platform: Linux, Windows, OSX
License: Modified Apache License
Sponsor: Pixar

OpenBatchIO, aka Tuttle

TuttleOFX is an open source image sequences processing frameworkmade up of :

  • a set of plugins to read and write professional VFX image formats and to perform various image processings (color corrections, filters, video compression, …)
  • a set of command line tools called Sam to browse, copy, move, delete and batch process the aforementioned plugins.

OpenFX Architecture

  • The aim of TuttleOFX is to help post-production facilities to deal with large-scale everyday image processing tasks. Compared with other programming libraries and image processing tools, TuttleOFX is based on some extended OpenFX plugins architecture, combined with optimised selection bit-depth processing.

Support For Numerous Processes

  • In addition of standard process features, TuttleOFX also addresses requested VFX processes like lens-distort corrections or movie compression and even some more specific color treatments like Color Transform Language and OpenColorIO nodes.

Support For 3rd Party Applications

  • Thanks to their OpenFX nature, TuttleOFX plugins can be used either in the Sam command line tool or by other applications such as Nuke® (The Foundry), Scratch® (Assimilate), Baselight® (FilmLight), Mistika® (SGO). Similarly, commercial OpenFX plugins (Sapphire, Furnace, Keylight, …) can be used within Sam command line.

Home Page:
Project Page:
Language: c++ python
Platform: Linux Windows OSX
License: Modified BSD
Sponsor: Mikrosimage


OpenRenderManagement, aka Puli,  is an open-source render management project.

The Core project is called Puli and is entirely written in python.

PuliUI is a GWT project that provides a simple web interface for OpenDispatcher.


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Project Page:
Language: python
Platform: All
License: Modified BSD
Sponsor: Mikrosimage

TACTIC is a  flexible web-based production asset management system. TACTIC’s features include:

  • Securely Store Assets in a Highly Scalable, Central Repository
  • Find Assets, Tasks and Notes with Powerful Search Tools
  • Automate Your Project’s File Structure
  • Version Control Assets and Notes
  • Rollback to Previous Asset Versions
  • “In-Place” Checkins for Large Files
  • Automate Naming Conventions
  • Package and Deliver Files with Ease
  • Import/Export CSV Data
  • Check Files In and Out of the Database Easily

Home Page:
Language: Python
Platform: Linux, OS X, Windows
License: Eclipse Public License
Sponsor: Southpaw Technology