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openPipeline is an open source framework for managing animation production data and workflow. Its first implementation is a MEL-based plug-in for Autodesk Maya that handles specific aspects of production: automatic directory structures, file naming conventions, revision control, and modularity that makes multi-artist workflows possible.

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Language: MEL
Platform: Linux, Windows, OS X
License: Common Public License 1.0

DrQueue started as an application to provide distributed render queueing and management services for rendering animations.

The generic service DrQueue provides allows the distribution, monitoring and management of tasks across a network of computing nodes. A queue of jobs composing of a number of tasks are spread over the computing nodes and processed in parallel. (more…)

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Language: c++
Platform: Linux, Mac OSX, Irix, FreeBSD and Windows
License: GNU GPL Version 3

PyMEL makes python scripting in Maya work the way it should.  Maya’s command module is a direct translation of MEL commands into python functions. The result is awkward and “unpythonic” code which does not take advantage of python’s flexible, object-oriented design.  The python-wrapped C++ API is powerful and object-oriented, but it’s too cryptic and verbose for everyday tasks. Using these modules as building blocks, PyMEL forges a new object-oriented API that’s as powerful and easy to use as python is.

Project Goals

  • Create an open-source python module for Maya that is intuitive to MEL users and python users alike
  • Fix bugs and design limitations in Maya’s python modues, maya.cmds and maya.mel
  • Keep code concise and readable
  • Add organization through class hierarchy and sub-modules
  • Provide documentation accessible via html and the builtin help() function
  • Make it “just work”

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Language: python
Platform: windows, osx, linux
License: New BSD License
Sponsor: Luma Pictures

Bullet 3D Game Multiphysics Library provides state of the art collision detection, soft body and rigid body dynamics.

  • Used by many game companies in AAA titles on Playstation 3, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC and iPhone
  • Modular extendible C++ design with hot-swap of most components
  • Optimized back-ends for pthreads/Win32 Threads multi-threading and PS3 Cell SPU
  • Preparation for OpenCL data parallel optimizations for upcoming Bullet 3.x
  • Discrete and continuous collision detection (CCD)
  • Swept collision queries
  • Ray casting with custom collision filtering
  • Generic convex support (using GJK), capsule, cylinder, cone, sphere, box and non-convex triangle meshes. (more…)

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Language: C++
Platform: Linux, Windows, OS X
License: ZLib License, free for commercial use.

Originally developed at Sony Pictures Imageworks, spReticleLoc is a Maya C++ plugin plus MEL code which creates a reticle for a camera. It allows for various camera reference masks to be displayed when looking through the camera, such as filmback, projection gate, and pan and scan attributes. (more…)

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Language: C++, MEL
Platform: Windows, Linux, OSX
License: New BSD License
Sponsor: Sony Imageworks