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OpenCue is an open source render management system. You can use OpenCue in visual effects and animation production to break down complex jobs into individual tasks. You can submit jobs to a configurable dispatch queue that allocates the necessary computational resources.


OpenCue provides features to manage rendering management at scale:

  • Sony Imageworks in-house render manager used on hundreds of films.
  • Highly-scalable architecture supporting numerous concurrent machines.
  • Tagging systems allow you to allocate specific jobs to specific machine types.
  • Jobs are processed on a central render farm and don’t rely on the artist’s workstation.
  • Native multi-threading that supports Katana, Prman, and Arnold.
  • Support for multi facility, on-premisses, cloud, and hybrid deployments.
  • You can split a host into a large number of procs, each with their own reserved core and memory requirements.
  • Integrated automated booking.
  • No limit on the number of procs a job can have.

Home Page:
Project Page:
Language: Python, Java
Platform: Linux, Windows, OSX

Apache License 2.0

Sponsor: Academy Software Foundation

OpenDisplayCalib, aka ColorTribe, is an opensource cross-platform color measurement and calibration software suite for display devices.

The suite is composed of three tools :
ColorHealer : a calibration and measurement application
ColorKeeper : a color correction loader with helpful tools as screen detection, warning and email when correction is obsolete, gamma slider, printer lights, custom 2D LUTs loader (custom LUT is applied over the correction LUT), etc…
ColorChief : a calib request management web app. For now, only a very simple mail feature has been implemented to allow calibrators to know when a station is un-calibrated.

ColorTribe enables post-production facilities to maintain a coherent fleet of displays, whatever the platforms or the devices are.

Home Page:
Project Page:
Language: C Java
Platform: Linux Windows OSX
License: Modified BSD
Sponsor: Mikrosimage