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OpenDCP is a cross-platform application to create digital cinema packages. It offers an easy to use GUI or can be scripted via a command line interface.


JPEG2000 encoding TIFF/DPX/BMP RGB/YUV/YCbCr images
Supports all major frame rates (24,25,30,48,50,60)
Cinema 2K/4K Profiles
XYZ color space conversion
MXF file creation
SMPTE and MXF Interop
Full 3D support
DCP XML file creation
SMPTE subtitles
Multithreaded for encoding performance
XML Digital signatures
GUI and CLI Interfaces
Language support

Home Page:
Project Page:
Language: C C++
Platform: Linux Windows OSX
License: GNU GPL v3

Open Cinema Tools provides a set of tools (currently command line only) to create Digital Cinema Packages (DCP’s) for playback on digital cinema projectors.  The goals for Open Cinema Tools are:

  • creation of DCP from source files
  • support for multi-reel DCPs with several audio and subtitle tracks
  • development of an intuitive, multi-lingual user interface

Project Page:
Language: C++
Platform: Windows, Linux
License: New BSD License