is maintained by Philippe Leprince, Larry Gritz, Rob Bredow, Chad Dombrova, and Jeppe Walther.

New projects should satisfy the following conditions :

  • Open source license
  • Designed specifically for VFX, or is especially applicable to VFX rather than being generic (example: OpenEXR -> yes, designed by and for VFX studios; libjpeg -> no, too generic, despite being a great library).
  • Production-proven: used successfully in professional VFX production (you should be able to name a studio and film/TV project that used it extensively).

Since the maintainers of this site cannot be familiar with every possible open source project and whether it qualifies, when you submit an entry, please briefly point out what aspect of the package is VFX-specific, and cite at least one or two studios/projects that have used it.

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